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Before - After of Sheet Rock repair

We Frame, Install and Repair Sheetrock Walls and Ceilings

Whether you’re adding a new room or want to make an unfinished basement more livable, measuring, framing, cutting and installing drywall for walls and ceilings is no job for DIYers. If you don’t have experience measuring and making difficult cuts, or the right tools and equipment you need for a professional job, you could be setting yourself up for a major mess and an expensive do-over. 

Skip the drywall drama!

Patch2Paint’s drywall pros can make your walls and ceilings smooth as silk with expert installation and meticulous drywall finishing, including embedding tape, filling, and skim coating.  We’ll have your walls and ceilings ready and in pristine shape so painting can begin without delay.  

If kids’ roughhousing has opened up a hole in an existing wall, Patch2Paint will repair it like it never existed. 

If you live in an older home with plaster walls, Patch2Paint can repair, fill and sand cracks or other blemishes and paint the room to your liking.  For new or existing walls and ceilings, leave the dust and the details to us. We’ll get the job done right so you can have your home back the way you like it.

Patch2Paint services include:


  • Complete drywall system (Includes: sheetrock, tape, spray, sand)

  • Drywall Installation and repair

  • Basic and Decorative Plastering

  • Texturized and Sprayed Ceilings

  • Plaster, Stucco, Stone Specialties

  • Mold-resistant sheetrock

  • Drywall patching and repair

  • Skim-coating

  • Priming and painting

  • Knockdown textured walls or ceilings

  • Bullnose and archway corners

  • Suspended ceilings

  • Sprayed ceilings

  • Dustless sanding


Contact Patch2Paint for all of your drywall installation and repair needs.
Just call (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch to discuss your project.

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