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Glen Rock NJ Epoxy-Coated Garage Floors and Clutter Free Storage

If you’ve been itching to upgrade your Glen Rock NJ garage with an attractive and durable epoxy-coated garage floor, Patch2Paint Handyman Services can help. We’ll not only make your floor look like a luxury automobile showroom, but we can also build shelving, racks and other organizational features that will make your garage the envy of your neighborhood. 

Turn a dirty garage floor into a sparkling parking space in your choice of colors.

If you take special pride in your automobile, a Patch2Paint garage redesign is just what you’re looking for to showcase your vehicles. Or, if you’re simply tired of looking at the dirt and stains and unorganized state of your garage, a garage makeover can bring your parking bays up to the standards of your home. Whether you have a one-car garage, or if you have several or multiple vehicles, Patch2Paint can turn every bay into a cohesive showpiece that you’ll be proud of.  
For example, with Patch2Paint you can choose from a wide palette of colors to enhance your garage floor’s appearance; whether you want it to be bold and reflective of the sleek style of your vehicles, or more subtle and understated.


Our five-step epoxy system includes:


  • Deep cleaning and surface repairs to restore slab to like-new condition

  • Epoxy coating and primer

  • Color scheme application with color chips

  • Ultra-strong epoxy application

  • Non-slip grit to help mitigate falls or slips on wet surface

P2P Garage Floor

Garage Floor renovation by Patch2Paint

Better Garage Organization Puts Tools and Equipment in Proper Storage

For a garage that is truly top-notch, taking the next step and building out shelving, cubbies, wall racks and other organizational features can help keep your garage clean and workspaces clutter-free. Patch2Paint can assemble and install all of the storage bins, shelves and rack systems you require so that everything from power tools to beach chairs and umbrellas, to sports equipment and garden tools gets put in their place, out of the way so you can move about more freely.    

Turning Garage Conversions into Livable Space

What if you’re less interested in where your cars are parked and more intrigued by converting your garage into livable space? Patch2Paint Handyman Services can help with professional garage interior remodeling and renovations. 
Whether you would like to convert all or part of your garage space into a playroom, office, or other extra livable space, Patch2Paint can build out the room to meet your specifications while in the meantime saving you a big chunk of money when compared to adding on to your home. A new addition can run anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000 according to the home improvement site (Expect to pay closer to the higher end or above in Glen Rock, NJ!) Without a doubt, converting an existing garage space into something new and usable can cost a lot less.
Patch2Paint will not only construct the walls and ceilings plus run any electric that’s required if you want to have a TV mounted, install a computer station, or make a game room. We can also craft a designer-style floor right out of the existing concrete slab. We utilize engineered concrete flooring (ECF) to restore concrete floors that are cracked, stained and spalling and make them look like new slate tile, hardwood, and even flagstone.

Call Patch2Paint for a multi-functional, great-looking garage!

Contact Patch2Paint to learn more about epoxy-coated garage floors, as well as garage conversions and remodeling. Call (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form provided and we’ll promptly be in touch.  

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