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Looking for affordable handyman services near Oradell, NJ? 

Call Patch2Paint Handyman Services. Whether you have a long list or short list of household repairs and projects that you want to put behind you, Patch2Paint can put your mind at ease and your Oradell NJ home back in order. 

Like our names suggests, if you have older sheetrock walls that have taken a few to many hits from kids’ horseplay or are showing signs of age with drywall tape coming loose, Patch2Paint can patch, sand and paint them to their original pristine smoothness as if aging or physical damage never occurred.  But repairing and building out drywall is only part of what we do.

Turning underutilized space in the basement and garage into living space.

As families grow in number or kids just get bigger, many homeowners begin to look at new ways to get more elbow room so that everyone has a little extra space. Without incurring the expense of adding a big addition to the home, many homeowners look to save money by turning their sights to converting either the basement or the garage. Both spaces are excellent options for transforming spartan square-footage into comfortable new livable space.

Oradell's famous Little Firehouse Theater

Oradell NJ is famous for the "Little Firehouse Theater"

Patch2Paint has expertise in both areas. In the garage, we can help convert the space into an entertainment room, a home office, a playroom for the kids, or just about any other room design you can imagine. The same goes for the basement, where we might add walls, a drywall ceiling and sections to divide the space into multiple rooms with different purposes.  In either case, besides building out walls and applying our patching and painting expertise, we are masters when it comes to making the most of concrete floors either by finishing with epoxy coatings in the garage, or by applying proprietary Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) in the basement. With ECF we can transform a dull and vapid concrete basement floor into a marvel that looks like flagstone, slate, or even hardwood. 

Oradell NJ Handyman Services

Patch2Paint specializes in all aspects of home maintenance and improvements for Oradell homeowners and businesses, including: 


  • Interior painting walls & ceilings

  • Garage renovations & epoxy flooring

  • Basement renovations & decorative engineered concrete flooring

  • Power washing home exteriors, decks, walkways, garage floors

  • Window washing

  • Hanging, re-taping and patching sheetrock

  • Decorative picture hanging, wall mounted TVs, shelving, hanging curtains

  • Changing light bulbs, including high ceilings

  • Concrete patching and repairs

  • Assembling furniture indoors and out

  • Screen repairs and replacement

  • Deck weather proofing

  • Install and re-hang doors, and more.

When you hire a handyman service, you want to be sure that the crew that shows up at your home or office is organized, equipped, insured and qualified to do the job. Patch2Paint technicians are experienced in all kinds of repairs and maintenance services indoors and out, and we have job specialists available to pitch in on any job that requires a heightened level of expertise.

Residential or commercial: Why do-it-yourself when there’s an affordable handyman alternative?

Every Oradell NJ homeowner or property manager has a never-ending list of small repairs that need attention or a wish list of projects to complete. Calling Patch2Paint to knock out your project to-do list makes sense not only because it’s affordable, but it will save you hours of effort. And as everyone knows: Time is money. 

If it squeaks, is stuck, is busted or broken, or it needs to be professionally painted or installed, call Patch2Paint at (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate. 

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