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EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System
Prevents Drywall Damage by Flooding

The frequency of intense rainfall from tropical storms, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms is causing repeated basement flooding for homes throughout New Jersey and the Northeast. Even in homes with dry basements or French drains that never had flooding problems before, record-breaking rainfall is causing water to pour into basements and ruin furniture, floor coverings and drywall. Most homeowners are left with no choice but to hire a contractor to dispose of and replace the wet wallboard.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is engineered to withstand basement flood water as long as it takes.


The EnduraFlood waterproof basement wall system is specially engineered to repel water even where basements keep flooding over and over again. Instead of ripping out and replacing wet drywall, EnduraFlood maintains its durability and water resistance for easy cleanup with a mild detergent and bucket of water. Once the flood water is gone and your basement living areas are clean, you can go back to living your life without the sloppy mess and time delays caused by wet drywall replacement.
Knowing that the next storm could make it happen all over again is all the reason you need:

  • 100% Waterproof​ *

  • Can be removed to allow foundation wall and framing to be dried out if needed

  • Installation is less dusty and quicker than traditional drywall

  • Looks wonderful as accent wall in any basement

Before After - new.jpeg

*EnduraFlood is waterproof because it does not show significant changes in physical characteristics as tested in the EnduraFlood laboratory


  • after 72 hours of submersion in water

  • after 3 cycles of each 12 hours submersion in water, and 12 hours drying time

Combine the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System with ECF for total basement flood damage resistance. 


Flood water resistant EnduraFlood is brought to you by the same engineers who invented Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). ECF is a flooring technology that changes the appearance of basement concrete slabs to one that is similar in appearance to designer flooring materials, such as natural flagstones, natural stone tile, barn-style planks, ceramic tile or other similar materials.

When taken together, EnduraFlood does for basement walls what ECF does for basement floors – meaning you’ll never have to replace basement drywall or floor coverings again. 
You deserve a basement flood-resistant system that can stand up to repeated flooding events. 

Request a quote today! ​

Had it with flooded basements and wet drywall demolition and repairs?


Call Patch2Paint for a price quote on the installation of the EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System. 


Get back to enjoying your basement sooner and with less mess.  Call (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form provided and we’ll be in touch to schedule an appointment.

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