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Before-After of a Garage Renovation Project

NJ Garage Interior Renovations – Make the most of underutilized space

Whether you have a garage that needs a facelift to make it appealing and add value to your home, or you would like to add livable space to your home without breaking the bank, Patch2Paint can make your decision easier with professional garage interior remodeling and renovations. 

NJ Garage Specialists. Clean and impressive interiors. 

If your garage has seen better days and you’d prefer that it resemble the modern, clinical spaces you see pictured in magazines and on TV, Patch2Paint can deliver. We’ll not only make your North Jersey garage the envy of your neighbors with custom shelving, fitted racks, freshly painted walls, and other efficient and space-saving organizational improvements, we can also make your dirty stained garage floor look showroom beautiful with epoxy-coatings in a surprising range of colors that will appeal to your design sensibilities.

If you take special pride in your automobile, a Patch2Paint garage redesign is just what you’re looking for to showcase your vehicles, including:


  • Epoxy-coated garage floors

  • Garage shelving

  • Interior painting for the garage

  • Tool storage

  • Garage Organizing

  • Repairs to garage walls, ceilings and floors

  • Wall storage solutions & more.


But what if your garage isn’t as important to you when it comes to parking your automobiles? What if you want to add extra livable space to your home but don’t know where to start, or don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on home remodeling?


Call Patch2Paint to convert your garage into livable space. 

If you’re thinking about adding more livable space to your home, you might already have the extra space you require. Patch2Paint will professionally remodel your garage so you can turn it into a playroom, office, or other extra livable space while still keeping an area set aside so you can store your lawn maintenance equipment, and other tools and machines.

Consider that building an addition and all that it requires is very costly when you figure in a new foundation, roofing and other construction materials and building costs. A new addition can run anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000 according to the home improvement site (Expect to pay closer to the higher end or above in Northern NJ.) Conversely, converting an existing garage space into something new and usable can cost a lot less.


Garage remodeling for entertainment room, office, home gym and more.

To make it so, Patch2Paint will not only construct the walls and ceilings plus run any electric that’s required if you want to have a TV mounted, install a computer station, or make a game room. We can also craft a designer-style floor right out of the existing concrete slab. We utilize engineered concrete flooring (ECF) to restore concrete floors that are cracked, stained and spalling and make them look like new slate tile, hardwood, and even flagstone.

Gear up for a great garage!

Contact Patch2Paint to learn more about garage conversions and remodeling. Call (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form provided and we’ll promptly be in touch. 

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