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Before-After of a Garage Floor Project

Patch2Paint – NJ Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Specialists 

If you’ve had enough of your filthy, stained and cracked garage floor, Patch2Paint can make it look showroom-quality in just a few days. We’ll remove stains and repair cracks in preparation for a multi-step process that will make your garage floor the envy of your neighborhood. 

No other garage floor treatment works like epoxy 

In New Jersey and throughout the Northeast, garage floors are under constant duress particularly in winter when road salts and moisture can combine to create a liquid brine that seeps into the pores of your bare concrete, weakening it and slowly causing damage (spalling). 

Similarly, any salt that’s left over after the water evaporates can cause fluorescence, which is the cause of the ugly white stains you see before you. A key part of a successful epoxy coating is tending to these issues as well as others before ever applying a coating. 

Indeed, unlike concrete overlays and other cosmetic applications, Patch Paint restores the integrity of the concrete slab by filling cracks and repairing blemishes and eliminating stains before professionally grinding the surface to reveal the fresh open pores beneath the surface. 
Other products such as paint, concrete overlays, stains, interlocking tiles and other cosmetic treatments can’t hold a candle to the durability and long-lasting beauty of an epoxy garage floor. 

Patch Paints professional epoxy finish creates beautiful garage floors.

  • Incredibly durable – Epoxy offers four-season durability to outlast other garage floor products by a mile.

  • Easy to clean – Just vacuum and clean with a mop or scrub brush to keep your floor pristine. 

  • Resistant to fuel and chemical spills – Spills won’t penetrate or stain surface when quickly wiped up with a rag or towel. 

  • Safer from slips – Epoxy floors are slip resistant, fire resistant, and drop resistant. 

  • Your choice of colors, tile finish or speckles. Ask us about other custom finishes, too!

  • Brings value – Thinking of selling your home in the next few years? An epoxy garage floor makes buyers take notice.

  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Storage problems keeping you from getting the garage floor you want? 

No sweat! Patch Paint can provide an onsite container so you can temporarily store your bikes, second refrigerator, beach chairs, paint cans and lawn tools, mowers, snow blowers and everything else that you’ve accumulated in your garage over the years. 
We’ll deliver a storage container right to your driveway so you can move everything inside and keep it out of the elements and safely locked away while we work on your garage floor. Be aware that you’ll need to allow two days for our team to come in and restore your garage floor and apply the epoxy treatment. Once we’re done you can walk on it in about six hours, but give it three days for drying before moving all of your things back into the garage.  (Approximately 5 days, start to finish.) 


Make these garage eyesores go away:

  • Chemical spills and stains

  • Fuel spills

  • Workshop debris

  • Tire marks

  • Surface scratches

  • Crack and chipped surface

  • Ground-in dirt & more!

If your garage floor shows signs of wear and tear from any of the above, call Patch2Paint today at (551) 497-5938 or use the contact form. 

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