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How to Make Basement Flooding Less Damaging to Walls and Floors in NJ

Flooding is a problem in many parts of northern New Jersey. If your home is near a river or even a picturesque brook that feeds a larger body of water, major rainfalls can pose a threat to the comfort of your home.

But there are many residents who don’t even live near water who still get flooded basements. Whether due to water tables, nearby developments that have impacted water runoff, or just the sheer volume of water falling all at once, the damage created by water entering the basement is a major hassle. And repairing it can also be expensive.

Research Shows NJ Flooding Will Get Worse

According to First Street Foundation’s “First National Flood Risk Assessment: Defining America’s Growing Risk,” 385,400 homes in New Jersey are presently at risk of substantial recurrent flooding. By 2050 that number is projected to grow to 459,000, a nearly 20% increase. When it comes to flooding, the past decade has been a wakeup call for many New Jersey residents. The named tropical systems that arrive, such as Sandy and Irene, are bad. Depending on where you live and the luck of the draw, however, storms that used to be routine can prove to be much worse flooding incidents.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the mess caused by basement flooding, here are two steps you can take to minimize future damage:

  1. Replace wet drywall with a waterproof alternative

  2. Remove and replace wet floor coverings with a permanent solution

Instead of repeatedly ripping out wet basement drywall, replace it.

If you’ve had a serious flood in your finished basement, you’ve learned that the bottom few feet of your drywall needs to be removed for safety and to prevent mold growth. Replacing the damaged drywall with new drywall will look great, until the next flooding event occurs and you have to repeat the process all over again.

The good news is there’s a new product which takes the place of drywall and can stand up to repeated flooding without having to be replaced. The EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is a stable, durable answer to replacing wet basement drywall.

EnduraFlood is engineered to replace wet wallboard in the basement, garage, or any below grade room where flooding is a problem. It’s a great-looking solution that is evocative of traditional wainscoting and adds an accent color to the drywall that remains above flood level.

  • EnduraFlood can be installed in basements faster than sheetrock, no spackling and sanding means fewer installer visits and less repainting.

  • Durable and tough. EnduraFlood’s sturdy concrete construction stands up to knocks, kicks and horsing around in the basement.

  • The EnduraFlood system can be removed for access to foundation wall, insulation, etc. and quickly re-installed.

  • Patent-pending EnduraFlood saves money compared to repeated basement flooding repair and wet wallboard replacement.

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is installed by trained technicians who fit the boards to account for wall outlets and other protrusions just like a drywall installer. Unlike wallboard installation, however, EnduraFlood is not finished with mud and tape, so there is no need for repeated visits from installers to sand and finish the new walls. It’s a much cleaner installation process.

As the EnduraFlood boards are placed, a special sealant is applied which bonds the panels together and with the remaining drywall above, matching previous cuts for corners, plumbing, closets and any other structural details. The result is a new water repellent lower wall system which can endure submersion in water for as long as it takes to pump the water out of your basement. And cleanup is easy with a bucket and any popular off-the-shelf cleaning solution.

Replace wet basement floor coverings with Engineered Concrete Flooring

Beside your basement walls, if your finished basement has floor coverings such as carpeting, vinyl tile, or even hardwood, a flood can do serious damage to every one of these surfaces. Having to rip out wet, disgusting carpeting even once is all of the reason most folks need to look for another solution.

One such answer is Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF) by RenuKrete. Rather than covering the floor, ECF creates a natural slate or tile design in the color of your choice from your existing concrete slab. ECF eliminates the need for “permanent” floor coverings such as wall-to-wall carpeting.

Even if basement flooding from natural occurrences isn’t a problem in your home, ECF is still a great choice for your basement floor in the event a frozen pipe bursts, a water heater ruptures, or a sewer line backs up. Whether you have a pump, or a wet vac, your floor can easily be cleaned and sanitized without having to rip out and replace the floor covering.

Combine the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System with ECF for Total Basement Flood Damage Resistance.

Flood water resistant EnduraFlood is brought to you by the same engineers who invented Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). When taken together, EnduraFlood does for basement walls what ECF does for basement floors – meaning you’ll never have to replace basement drywall or floor coverings again.

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