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There’s a Better Way to Replace Wet Drywall after Basement Flooding

Large and more frequent heavy downpours and tropical weather systems are making homeowners everywhere fret weather reports like never before. These deluges can quickly overwhelm sump pumps and French drains, and ruin basement drywall and floor coverings. For homeowners with finished basements, the dirty job of removing wet drywall after a flood is becoming all too common. The same goes for ripping out damaged tile, soaked carpeting and other floor coverings.

If frequent heavy storms such as those we’ve been having in North Jersey are going to continue, for homeowners the best path forward might be to rethink how to repair basement walls and floors to minimize cleanup expense and time.

A Stable, Durable Answer to Replacing Wet Basement Drywall

The EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is the drywall replacement that stands up to basement flooding. EnduraFlood wall panels are durable and tough, and engineered to replace wet sheetrock walls in the basement or garage. Furthermore, EnduraFlood’s sturdy concrete construction stands up to knocks, kicks and horsing around in the basement, so it can handle most everything kids’ playrooms and exercise rooms can dish out.

For homeowners with a finished basement, the heartbreak of a flood is compounded by the time it takes to get repairs and replacements made. EnduraFlood is different. Once your damaged drywall is removed, EnduraFlood can be installed faster than new drywall; plus, there’s no spackling, sanding and painting required. This means there are fewer installer visits to scramble your calendar, and you and your family can resume using your basement in less time.

  • A durable and convenient solution to wet basement drywall.

  • Great-looking! The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is evocative of traditional wainscoting, adding an accent color to the drywall that remains above flood level.

  • Easy removed by technicians for access to foundation wall, insulation, etc., and quickly re-installed.

  • Economical over the long haul. Patent-pending EnduraFlood is less costly compared to repeated basement flooding repair and wet wallboard replacement.

Installation by Professional Craftsmen.

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is installed by trained technicians who fit the boards to account for wall outlets and other protrusions just like a drywall installer. Unlike wallboard installation, however, EnduraFlood is not finished with mud and tape, so there is no need for repeated visits from installers to sand and finish the new walls. It’s a much cleaner installation process.

As the EnduraFlood boards are placed, a special sealant is applied which bonds the panels together and with the remaining drywall, matching previous cuts for corners, plumbing, closets and any other structural details. The result is a new water repellent lower wall system which can endure submersion in water for as long as it takes to pump the water out of your basement. And cleanup is easy with a bucket and any popular off-the-shelf cleaning solution.

Combine the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System with ECF for Total Basement Flood Damage Resistance.

Flood water resistant EnduraFlood is brought to you by the same engineers who invented Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). ECF is a flooring technology that changes the appearance of basement concrete slabs to one that is similar in appearance to designer flooring materials, such as natural flagstones, natural stone tile, or other similar materials. ECF replaces the need for carpeting, tile, laminate or hardwood basement floor coverings.

When taken together, EnduraFlood does for basement walls what ECF does for basement floors – meaning you’ll never have to replace basement drywall or floor coverings again.

For a Quote and to Learn More, Contact Patch2Paint.

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is engineered and installed exclusively by Patch2Paint Home Services. To request a visit to your home and a quote, call (551) 497-5938.


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