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Another 5 inches of rain. Another basement flooding disaster. What to do?

If you have basement flooding problems, by now you’re at your wit’s end. So-called 50- or 100-year rainfalls are now commonplace. Even basements that have never flooded before have become susceptible to several inches or more of water. If you have a finished basement the flooding is even worse. Besides the expense of constantly ripping out soaked drywall and tossing floor coverings, you’re losing valuable living space.

Look familiar? Unfortunately a more and more common sight after strong rain these days

A changing climate requires a change in approach to basement living. That means doing what you can to mitigate flooding problems. Whether you improve landscaping outdoors or install French drains and a sump pump indoors, with the rains we’ve been having in North Jersey it’s still hard to be 100% confident that water can be kept out, and that pumps won’t be overwhelmed.

It’s time to consider flood resistant walls and flooring.

Drywall is a tremendous building product that has made life easier for installers and homeowners for the many decades since it replaced plaster. For the most part it is easy to repair, such as when holes or tape need to be patched and fixed. However, when it becomes wet, particularly in standing water such as in a flooded basement, it can quickly turn into a soft, mushy substance that is a perfect host for mold growth. When drywall gets this wet it needs to be removed.

A basement with ECF Flooring and waterproof EnduraFlood wall.

But cutting drywall out and replacing it with more of the same only leads to repeated problems down the road. In fact, how many flooded basement incidents before your insurance company becomes less friendly than they portray themselves to be in their commercials on TV?

A smarter alternative to flooded basement drywall replacement.

Rather than replacing wet drywall with new drywall that can once again become destroyed, a better product is now available that can withstand repeated basement flooding (i.e., it doesn’t have to be replaced when it gets wet).

The EnduraFlood™ Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is engineered to replace wet drywall wherever basement or garage flooding is concerned. It not only can withstand water, but it also creates a designer-inspired look of traditional wainscoting to the drywall that remains above flood level.

  • Durable and tough. EnduraFlood’s sturdy concrete construction stands up to knocks, kicks and horsing around in the basement.

  • EnduraFlood can be installed in basements faster than drywall, no spackling and sanding means fewer installer visits and less repainting.

  • The EnduraFlood system can be removed for access to foundation wall, insulation, etc. and quickly re-installed.

  • Economical over the long haul. Patent-pending EnduraFlood is less costly compared to repeated basement flooding repair and wet wallboard replacement.

Once your basement walls are replaced with EnduraFlood, the next living-space-saving innovation to consider for your basement floor is Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). If removing wet drywall is a gross job, pulling up soaking wet carpet or lifted tiles is no walk in the park. If anything your basement concrete floor is an even better surface to protect because occasional ground water seepage and water leaks can not only stain carpeting, they can warp hardwood, and eventually ruin sections of tile and other floor coverings.

Engineered Concrete Flooring is crafted from the existing concrete slab, transforming it to look like slate tile, flagstone, or even barnyard planks. With ECF you not only spare yourself the dirty hassle of tearing out damaged floor coverings, but you end up with a durable flooring surface that is easily cleaned and dried with a Wet Vac if ever flooding should occur.

Furthermore, an ECF basement floor can accommodate virtually any interior design aesthetic you desire. With a choice of several colors, it provides a beautiful surface for your furniture and accessories whether your tastes tend toward sleek and sophisticated Euro designs or country casual, and just about every style in between. Whether accented with an area rug or left bare, the stone formations are as pleasing to look at as they are to walk on, and they are durable enough to take punishment from toys, balls, bikes and dropped tools without showing even the slightest blemish.

An intelligent solution to mitigate future basement flooding.

No one wants water in their basement. But recent history has shown us that sometimes, even if we consider ourselves well-protected, it’s simply unavoidable. That’s why a flood resistant combination of lower wall and basement floor protection makes sense.

When combined, Engineered Concrete Flooring and the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System give homeowners more peace of mind knowing that basement flooding damages can be better controlled. Both products are great ideas that give homeowners a better way to stave off the expense of making frequent repairs to flooded basement rooms and areas.

Installation by professional craftsmen.

The EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System is installed by trained technicians who fit the boards to account for wall outlets and other protrusions just like a drywall installer. Unlike wallboard installation, however, EnduraFlood is not finished with mud and tape, so there is no need for repeated visits from installers to sand and finish the new walls. It’s a much cleaner installation process.

As the EnduraFlood boards are placed, a special sealant is applied which bonds the panels together and with the remaining drywall, matching previous cuts for corners, plumbing, closets and any other structural details. The result is a new water repellent lower wall system which can endure submersion in water for as long as it takes to pump the water out of your basement. And cleanup is easy with a bucket and any popular off-the-shelf cleaning solution.

If you’d like to learn more, the EnduraFlood Flood-Proof Basement Wall System and Engineered Concrete Flooring are installed by Patch2Paint Handyman Services. To request a visit to your home and a quote, call (551) 497-5938.


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