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Painting for Commercial, Industrial and Multifamily Properties

Commercial and residential property managers have a lot on their plate, and staffing only goes so far when it comes to keeping up appearances and meeting the repair demands of tenants. When maintenance staff and building superintendents can’t keep up with the workload, having a reliable, professional standby to augment painting and other maintenance services is good practice when it comes to property management.

In addition to painting and drywall installation and repairs for residential customers, Patch2Paint also works for business, industrial and commercial clients and property managers who require our services whether they want to spruce up office space, breathe new life into retail space, paint a warehouse, or repair drywall and freshly paint apartments and condos within HOA guidelines. We can also work with commercial property owners who need maintenance services or painting and wall construction experience to divide or modify office space for new tenants.

Working Fast and Painting Smart for Commercial Property Managers

The best way to attract and keep new tenants is to maintain your property with clean, modern colors and design accents. Whichever colors you choose, and for whatever interior space you need painted, Patch2Paint Handyman Services can provide a professional paint job quickly and with precision, and make the necessary repairs to walls, floors and ceilings, from the main lobby to the hallways and offices that line them.

Call us for a quote and estimate on your next commercial project:

  • Multifamily properties

  • Office buildings

  • Medical buildings

  • Industrial spaces, including epoxy-coated concrete flooring

  • Apartment complexes

  • Condominiums

  • Houses of worship

  • HOAs & more.

Patch2Paint can work closely with your property management team to work out a schedule that meets your needs and your tenants’ needs. We’ll keep you apprised of our progress, and you can count on our estimates to be rock solid based on the dimensions and scope of the job. You can also count on Patch2Paint to handle virtually any and all handyman projects around your office or building(s), including:

  • Interior painting walls & ceilings

  • Parking lot hallways, painting etc.

  • Basement renovations

  • Power washing exteriors, walkways, garage floors

  • Window washing

  • Hanging, re-taping and patching sheetrock

  • Changing light bulbs, including high ceilings

  • Concrete patching and repairs

  • Assembling office cubicles

  • Light demolition

  • Install and re-hang doors, and more.

Does your building maintenance team need help? Call Patch2Paint Handyman Services today!

Whether the job requires more hands on deck than you have, or the work is not something your building superintendent is equipped to handle, when you hire a handyman service, you want to be sure that the crew that shows up at your property or office is organized, equipped, insured and qualified to do the job. Patch2Paint technicians are experienced in all kinds of repairs and maintenance services indoors and out, and we have job specialists available to pitch in on any job that requires a heightened level of expertise.

Call Patch2Paint at (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate.


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