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Unfinished Home Projects? Call Patch2Paint Handyman Services and finish them off.

If you (or someone you know) are great at starting home projects but not so great when it comes to finishing them, you’re not alone! Lots of homeowners will begin a project around the home and bring it to near completion but then put it aside to finish another day. But then it sits unfinished for weeks, months, even years. Sometimes it remains unfinished until it’s time to sell the house and you wind up finishing it off so the new people can enjoy it.

Where’s the sense in that? Whether it’s finishing up a room by painting the trim, hanging photo frames, artwork or heavy mirrors on a newly painted wall, or replacing rusted recessed lighting trim to complement a new paint job, there’s an endless list of “to-dos” which end up not done when we try to do everything ourselves.

Look familiar? Patch2Paint can help with unfinished projects like these.

It’s just better to hire a handyman you can trust.

Patch2Paint Handyman Services can knock off all of those nagging unfinished projects around your home, office or place of business. Plus, we can do it for an affordable price that will have you wondering why you waited so long. From an incomplete finished basement that’s partially framed or not framed at all, to an attic that needs old insulation removed and new insulation installed, as well as projects for every floor in between and outdoors, Patch2Paint home handyman technicians can finish off your list of unfinished projects.

Patch2Paint specializes in all manner of home repair, maintenance and improvements for North Jersey and Rockland County homeowners and businesses, including:

  • Interior painting walls & ceilings

  • Garage renovations & epoxy flooring

  • Basement renovations & decorative engineered concrete flooring

  • Power washing home exteriors, decks, walkways, garage floors

  • Window washing

  • Hanging, re-taping and patching sheetrock

  • Decorative picture hanging, wall mounted TVs, shelving, hanging curtains

  • Changing light bulbs, including high ceilings

  • Concrete patching and repairs

  • Assembling furniture indoors and out

  • Screen repairs and replacement

  • Deck weather proofing

  • Install and re-hang doors, and more.

Top to bottom: Whatever needs to be done, call Patch2Paint and consider it done.

There’s virtually no job that’s too big or too small. From cosmetic changes to functional improvements, Patch2Paint excels in many ways. For example, has the new radiant heating and plumbing for your new addition left your original basement looking like something out of a mid-century prison movie? With all of the old steam pipes now removed, you’re probably left with more cavities in the walls and ceiling than an eight-year-old who’s never brushed with fluoride. If you’re not ready to finish the basement, call Patch2Paint and we can close up the holes and patch and paint the walls and ceilings so that your basement looks civilized again. And when it comes time to renovate the basement, we can help with that too.

Contractor gone for good? We’ll punch out your punch list.

If you’ve had major work done on your home, such as a new kitchen, new addition, new bathroom, etc. you know how gratifying it is when the last construction worker leaves your home for the final time. Well, almost final. There is that nagging punch list that still remains, which according to eight out of 10 homeowners surveyed (not really), never seems to get completed.

Just like a homeowner who doesn’t finish his or her DIY project, contractors get bored with a project and mentally (and physically) move on to the next job. But if you have a punch list that’s not completed and you’re not getting answers; first, you have a lousy contractor and, second, at some point you have to cut your expectations and turn to someone who’ll finish the punch list for you.

Patch2Paint punches out punch lists like it’s nobody’s business. If it’s painting trim in closets that needs to be done, clearing dust, checking door hinges, locks and latches, or whatever, don’t wait until you’ve moved everything back into its place before calling us and finding out how we can help and what it will cost. We think you’ll be surprised; because the difference between being stressed and aggravated with your contractor is negated when you call Patch2Paint to handle your punch list.

Residential or commercial: Why do-it-yourself when there’s an affordable handyman alternative?

Every Northern New Jersey homeowner or property manager has a never-ending list of small repairs that need attention or a wish list of projects to complete. Calling Patch2Paint to knock out your project to-do list makes sense not only because it’s affordable, but it will save you hours of effort. And as everyone knows: Time is money.

If it squeaks, is stuck, is busted or broken, or it needs to be professionally painted or installed, call Patch2Paint at (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate.

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