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5 Reasons Why a Qualified Handyman is Right for your Home Improvement Projects

While more homeowners are now working perma-remote than before the pandemic, that hasn’t meant that there’s been any more time to get things done around the house that need it, whether for general maintenance or aesthetics.

With to-do lists growing, one of the biggest hassles for homeowners is calling in various contractors to handle different jobs that need attention. Between researching names, reading online reviews, calling and making appointments, and then scheduling time to meet, the entire task of meeting multiple contractors and discussing estimates becomes a big hassle. Even more so if you’re shopping for the best estimate from several different vendors.

That’s why calling a handyman service such as Patch2Paint makes absolute sense. Experienced handypersons have broad knowledge and can tackle many jobs around the home and place of business just as well if not equal to contractors who specialize in one particular area, such as painting, drywall installation, a multitude of repairs and more. Patch2Paint also brings a deep background in masonry services which you won’t find with most other handyman services.

Patch2Paint Handyman
Patch2Paint Handyman

So why is Patch2Paint the right handyman service for you? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Get one estimate from one vendor for multiple home or office projects.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager or facilities manager, if you have a list of projects that need to be done it can be easier to hire one vendor capable of doing the bulk of the work rather than several to complete the different projects on your list. And you’ll likely be able to get a more affordable price if you bundle projects. Life is busy. Patch2Paint can help you keep it simpler.

2. Easily map out dates on the calendar that are convenient to you.

When you work with a primary vendor, it’s way easier to agree on a timetable as far as when work will begin, how and when it will be complete, as well as anything else you might need to coordinate in advance of your crew showing up; such as having any materials and parts on hand that you’ve ordered in advance for the project.

3. One point of contact.

Life is complicated enough without having to juggle different tradespeople and their contact information. With Patch2Paint, you only have one phone number or email address to manage. We’re easily reached.

4. No denial of responsibility or finger-pointing.

Contractors are famous for blaming one another when working on a job and something goes wrong. If there’s a problem and you have to track down multiple vendors, you’ll likely run into a lot of “I didn’t do it.” When you’re working with one company that’s committed to your satisfaction, like Patch2Paint, there’s only one vendor to reach out to if you have questions or want to make revisions to the job. Working with a single vendor is not only easier to manage when things go right, but in the event something needs to be addressed there’s much less hassle to get it fixed.

5. A professional handyman has multiple work skills.

Patch2Paint specialize in all aspects of home maintenance and improvements for northern New Jersey, Rockland and Westchester county homeowners and businesses, including:

  • Interior painting walls & ceilings

  • Garage renovations & epoxy flooring

  • Basement renovations & decorative engineered concrete flooring

  • Power washing home exteriors, decks, walkways, garage floors

  • Hanging, re-taping and patching sheetrock

  • Decorative picture hanging, wall mounted TVs, shelving, hanging curtains

  • Changing light bulbs, including high ceilings

  • Assembling furniture indoors and out

  • Broken window repairs and replacement

  • Dryer vent cleaning

  • Deck weather proofing

  • Install and re-hang doors, and more.

Discover how Patch2Paint can help you get your home or office in order.

Most every homeowner or property manager has an ever evolving list of repairs, installations, or renovations they want to complete. Calling Patch2Paint to knock out your project to-do list makes sense not only because it’s affordable, but it will save you hours of effort.

If it squeaks, is stuck, is busted or broken, or it needs to be professionally painted or installed, call Patch2Paint at (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate.


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