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New Homeowners: Is a Handyman right for you? Consider the costs and time of DIY.

For many people, when they move into a new home there is a list of projects and changes they want to make to their new residence. That could mean building walls in a basement with drywall, repairing and patching sheetrock before painting, epoxy-coating a garage floor, or turning the garage into livable space. If you’re a new homeowner who’s either young, moving from an apartment, or starting all over, you probably don’t have the tools and equipment you need to take on many of the projects you want to in order to make your new address feel like home.

One route to achieving greater capability is to begin accumulating various hand tools and power tools to fill out your home workshop, that’s if you happen to have the space. If you don’t have a room set aside for a workshop, do you have enough storage space to accommodate the many tools you’ll need to tackle home maintenance and improvement jobs both planned and unplanned?

One way to approach building out your extended tool kit is to purchase tools as you go. This not only requires making frequent trips to your local hardware store, but also lots of time reviewing numerous how-to videos on YouTube and elsewhere to learn the tricks of the trade, and how to use the tools. When you consider the costs of accumulating a robust collection of tools, some which you’ll use frequently and others that may only get used once or twice, it’s worth weighing whether your time with family and work is more valuable than the costs and hours you’ll spend doing it yourself.

Some of the tools every DIY handyman should have at home: sledge hammer, adjustable pipe wrench, stud finder, brushless battery drill

What tools should every homeowner have?

Beyond the basics of screwdrivers, hammers and various wrenches, if you envision yourself taking on more than the most routine home maintenance tasks you’re going to need a lot more gear. One place to look to get an idea of what tools “every homeowner” should own is this similarly titled article in Popular Mechanics, “The 50 Tools Everyone Should Own”.

In it you’ll find all of the general and specialized tools the gearheads at Popular Mechanics think you should own. So get out your calculator and do the math.

  • Adaptable Pipe Wrench - $99

  • 10-Pound Sledge Hammer - $53.99

  • Stud Finder - $51.30

  • Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit - $194.85

  • Socket and Ratchet Set - $109.99

  • Portable Wet Dry Vacuum - $79.97

  • And the list goes on…

The point is, tools are expensive and the specialized tools you’ll need for many jobs are even more so. As mentioned above, don’t forget to add your time spent to your calculation. Do-it-yourself projects can be fun but they can be a hassle and pressure-packed when the time it takes to complete them cuts into your family time. How many extra hours do you have to dedicate to projects that could be done in hours by a handyman service such as Patch2Paint, rather than a string of weekends if you do it yourself?

Patch2Paint Handyman Services is the professional, affordable alternative to doing it yourself.

For homeowners in Bergen, Passaic, northern Essex and Morris counties in New Jersey, and Rockland County in New York, Patch2Paint Handyman Services answers the call whenever home maintenance and improvement projects are on the docket.

Our experienced, courteous handyman technicians are skilled at numerous light construction and interior painting jobs large and small. Whether you want your unfinished basement divided into separate rooms for work, play, and entertainment, or you have walls to patch after the previous owner’s mirrors and artwork have been removed, we can help bring your new or existing home to pristine condition.

Patch2Paint specializes in all manner of home repair, maintenance and improvements for North Jersey and Rockland County homeowners and businesses, including:

  • Garage renovations & epoxy flooring

  • Interior painting walls & ceilings

  • Hanging, re-taping and patching sheetrock

  • Basement renovations & decorative engineered concrete flooring

  • Power washing home exteriors, decks, walkways, garage floors

  • Window washing

  • Decorative picture hanging, wall mounted TVs, shelving, hanging curtains

  • Changing light bulbs, including high ceilings

  • Concrete patching and repairs

  • Assembling furniture indoors and out

  • Screen repairs and replacement

  • Deck waterproofing

  • Install and re-hang doors, and more.

Top to bottom: Whatever needs to be done, call Patch2Paint and consider it done.

There’s virtually no job that’s too big or too small. From cosmetic changes to functional improvements, Patch2Paint excels in many ways. If your to-do list is growing, one of the biggest hassles for homeowners is calling in various contractors to handle different jobs that need attention. Between researching names, reading online reviews, calling and making appointments, and then scheduling time to meet, the entire task of meeting multiple contractors and discussing estimates becomes a big hassle. Even more so if you’re shopping for the best estimate from several different vendors.

That’s why calling Patch2Paint makes absolute sense. Experienced handypersons have broad knowledge and can tackle many jobs around your home and place of business just as well if not equal to contractors who specialize in one particular area, such as painting, drywall installation, and a multitude of repairs and more. Patch2Paint also brings a deep background in masonry services which you won’t find with most other handyman services.

Why do-it-yourself when there’s an affordable handyman alternative?

Every Northern New Jersey and Rockland County homeowner has a never-ending list of small repairs that need attention or a wish list of projects to complete. Calling Patch2Paint to knock out your project to-do list makes sense not only because it’s affordable, but it will save you hours of effort.

To schedule a visit for a project estimate, call Patch2Paint at (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll promptly be in touch.


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