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NJ sheetrock: From repairing holes to installing drywall, Patch2Paint is on it.

There are many ways the wallboard in your home can become damaged. In the event that it does, you can either make the repairs yourself or call a professional. Simple repairs like patching small holes are a piece of cake. You can buy a patch kit from your local hardware retailer which comes with all you need to do the job: adhesive-backed screen, compound, putty knife. It’s all there.

But sometimes the damage to the drywall and the size of the hole is beyond your experience and it just makes sense to call a professional to do the job for you. The same goes for framing out and installing new walls and ceilings if you decide to reconfigure an interior space, such as a closet or basement.

Patch2Paint repairing drywall sheet rock in Mahwah New Jersey
Patch2Paint repairing drywall sheet rock in Mahwah New Jersey

Professional handyman services for North Jersey make quick work of drywall.

Gypsum wallboard is rugged material that can stand up to a lot of stress. But there are times when it can become damaged by knocks and bangs and other circumstances that require it to be repaired or replaced. Water infiltration is an example of one such event. Water is not a friend of drywall. Whether due to leaks or plumbing issues, water can turn drywall into a mushy slice of bread if the source of the leak isn’t caught early. This can happen in a finished basement, for example. Even with a sump pump there is the risk of flooding due to heavy, extended downpours during power outages, burst frozen pipes, and other plumbing mishaps.

The good news is Patch2Paint Handyman Services is here to make those repairs as hassle-free as possible. The same goes for installing new drywall in places such as an unfinished basement where you want to convert it into several rooms, such as a home office, workout room, playroom, etc.

Call Patch2Paint for all of your drywall repairs and installs:

  • New walls and ceilings

  • Sheetrock repairs

  • Taping joints

  • Water damage tear out and replacement

  • Mold damage

  • Flooding damage & more

  • Free estimates!

At Patch2Paint, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service with competitive pricing. As a handyman service, and drywall and painting contractor, Patch2Paint can repair damaged walls and ceilings and complete the repair or installation with a professional paint job that will give your room or place of business a fresh new look that will last.

Prep by re-taping wallboard joints for new paint jobs

If your wallboard was installed some time ago, joint tape can begin to come loose and will have to be replaced before repainting. Patch2Paint can resolve this and other drywall issues so that you can get your walls and ceilings back in order. You can call us to repair sheetrock where mold is present, or where there are stress cracks, holes large and small, or dents and divots from furniture and roughhousing.

The same goes for ceilings. Whether you have water stains, storm damage, damage from a leaky roof, plumbing leaks or cracking joints, popping and buckling, Patch2Paint can handle all of these types of ceiling repairs and more. Our professional drywall repair technicians can repair the damage and restore the integrity of your ceiling to flawless condition.

For drywall installation and repairs, call Patch2Paint.

Patch2Paint Handyman Services is experienced fixing small to large sections of drywall damage for homes and business establishments, whether the repairs are needed to the walls or ceilings. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, making quick repairs to drywall is no big deal. But when it comes to situations where you lack experience are not fully certain how to approach the problem, leave it to the professionals. It will be well worth your while in time and money.

To learn how we can promptly put an end to your drywall problems, call (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate.


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