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Franklin Lakes NJ Homeowner Adds Sheetrock Walls to Maximize Basement Use.

For all its rigidity, drywall is an amazingly versatile building product that can be cut and added to fit just about any flat surface of any interior room feature; from large sheets that cover walls and ceilings to smaller cut pieces that form soffits above cabinetry, modern construction projects would take much, much longer if not for wallboard.

Sheetrock spackling before painting in a basement in Franklin Lakes
Installing Sheetrock before painting in a basement

Like many large, newer homes in its price range, one Patch2Paint customer’s home in Franklin Lakes had a very sizable basement with high ceilings and lots of potential for all kinds of room designs. The family had only recently moved in and had a list of potential rooms they wanted to create from this vast open space, including a playroom for their young children, a home office, an exercise room, a bathroom, separate laundry room, and with the space left over, a common area where they wanted to create a modest home theater for the kids and adults in the house.

Working with a designer, the family laid out the plan dividing the space up into rooms with some receiving doors and others without so the children could always be heard. Once the framing, electrical and rough plumbing were already in place, Patch2Paint went to work verifying measurements and adding sheets of drywall to the framing, making cuts where necessary to accommodate plumbing, electrical boxes and lighting.

Wallboard Compound: Filling and taping joints as we move along.

Working as a team, the Patch2Paint wallboard crew ably moved from room to room, mounting the sheetrock to the framing and filling seams and screw holes with joint compound before taping. After allowing the compound to set overnight, and lightly sanding any uneven seams, etc. we then added a topcoat of compound to create a super smooth surface that was ready to be primed after light sanding.

No job is complete until painting.

Patch2Paint Handyman Services are also experienced painters. Whenever you need a paint job, whether in a large basement with new walls like our Franklin Lakes’ client, or if you have a wall or ceiling that needs repair because of an upstairs leak or horseplay knocked a hole in the existing sheetrock, Patch2Paint can fix and paint them so they look like new.

Call Patch2Paint for all of your drywall repairs and installs:

  • New walls and ceilings

  • Sheetrock repairs

  • Taping joints

  • Water damage tear out and replacement

  • Mold damage

  • Flooding damage & more

  • Free estimates!

Repairing or installing drywall? Give Patch2Paint a call.

For jobs of every size, whether cutting out and replacing drywall due to water damage, repairing walls with holes large or small, or framing out a new room, Patch2Paint can do the job to your satisfaction and we’ll paint your walls and ceilings as well.

To learn how we can promptly put an end to your drywall problems, call (800) 532-0617 or use the contact form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a visit for a free estimate.


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